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More about John....

John Somma has been training dogs for the past 43 years!

While working for the Riverside Probation Department, John earned many training accolades. He started as a trainer and officer, as well as an agitator in many local Schutzhund trials and lead numerous seminars.


In 1986, John joined the staff of the International Police Dog School in Riverside CA as a full time instructor. While there he trained over 2,500 police K9 teams and conducted classes and monthly P.O.S.T. Certified maintenance programs. John also received a Police Service Dog teaching credential from the State of California as well as testified in many court cases as an expert witness in the area of dog handler training.


John Somma's main goal now is to work with the private sector and teach proper canine handling. He started the Wood Streets K9 Social Club to help make the Wood Streets a safer dog friendly neighborhood. 

If you have a dog that walks you instead of you walking him, is no fun to be with or lacks the proper social skills to get along with other dogs - he can help!

For Information Contact (951) 255-0104

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